Tuesday, November 23, 2021

EV: Detroit v. Japan

Detroit v. Japan

Santayana said, "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it."

Slim's response is "Those who forget history are doomed--Period!"  

But there is a positive spin. "Those who remember history are able to repeat it.

Detroit has forgotten history.

Japan?  That remains to be seen. However, past events will suggest that even as you read this, Japanese auto executives are discussing the issue.  

Japan remembers the Jimmy Carter gas crisis.

Japan remembers market penetration.

Japan sees another opportunity.

I won't recap the issues surrounding EVs. 

Everyone knows what they are.  Or should.

And right now, you can bet that Japanese auto makers are working together to resolve the issue that is most pressing:  A universal battery.

The Japanese will work together to determine which is the best batter. Which system is the best.  And work together to make that system available in all Japanese cars.

Nissan, Subaru, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, et. al.

Now, expand on the strategy.  

Using the same thinking that Firestone used to sell more tires by building gas stations, Japan has three options.

Build Swapping Stations

Provide swapping services to Petrol Stations

Make battery swapping at every and any dealership where the driver of any Japanese car can pull it to have a battery swap.

What will Detroit do?

If the Jimmy Carter Gas Crisis is any indicator, Detroit will drop the ball.

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Friday, November 5, 2021

CNBC: Circa 1862


For Those Who Understand Metaphors:
What if the 24 hour news cycle existed in 1864 and Europe watched the American Civil War unfolding before them?

Middle East RSVP

O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us

To see oursels as ithers see us!

It wad frae mony a blunder free us,

An' foolish notion:

As I was gazing into my Liquid Crystal Ball, I had the opportunity to see myself in a previous life.  I am watching television when my programme is interrupted by a special report from Brussels.

The UN Security Council is holding an emergency meeting over the conditions in America.  World Leaders are condemning the atrocities of the Civil War citing over 50,000 dead at Gettysburg and now, after the burning of Atlanta, Sherman’s March to the Sea.

On official said, in exchange for remaining anonymous, “Will we wait until every American has been Shermanised before we take action?”

Recent reports have confirmed that 50,000 American’s died in the three day battle at Gettysburg and almost 9,000 Americans were killed in the burning of Atlanta.

Leaders in England and France have reported that they are already sending warships to the Gulf of Mexico and the Potomac Basin, but claimed this was only to prevent a blockade to prevent the shipment of tobacco and cotton to Europe.  They did, however, admit that they were discussing putting boots on the ground to intervene.

The Russian Ambassador to the UN has stated that he will veto any resolution that involves military intervention.  He went on to issue this statement:  “It took the Americans from 1776 to 1789—thirteen years—to create a constitution.  This is a Civil War, and Europe has no business interfering with American domestic problems.”

The Greek Ambassador to the UN said, “We had a democracy 3,000 years ago.  We may have made some mistakes, but we learned from them.  We will be only too happy to send a delegation to Washington to help the Americans set up a stable democracy.”

The Italian Ambassador to the UN issued a statement saying, “Our government supports the initiative proposed by the Greek government and will be happy to participate.  After all, we had a democracy 2,000 years ago. We too, made a few mistakes, but we also learned from them and want to help protect the American people from this carnage.”

England’s Foreign Minister denied reports that the warships en route to America are carrying cannons to bombard Washington, saying “We are not taking the cannon-fire option off the table.  We are only saying that it is an option that we are prepared to exercise if the carnage in America does not stop.”

The Ambassadors from Spain and Portugal will be arriving in Brussels soon, carrying a joint proposal for a cease-fire but conceded, “There is little hope.”

On a related note,  A statement from Sandringham House:

The King, The Emperor, and The Czar issued the following joint statement.

In fewer than 100 years, Democracy in America has led to this Civil War of horrific proportions. 
An Annus horribilis.  Therefore we are planning to send a delegation to meet with Presidents Lincoln and Davis and with Generals Grant and Lee to discuss the establishment of Monarchy in America.

The nice thing about the Liquid Crystal Ball is that is reveals history as it might have been.  It does not, however, reveal history as it will be.

SANTAYAN “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”

SLIM FAIRVIEW “Those who never learned history are doomed—Period!” 


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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Technology or Strategy?

 Technology or Strategy?

The game of Chess was invented in India circa 6th C. AD. It

is a game of strategy. It was invented centuries before the invention

of computers, of technology, of electricity.

Through the magic of metaphor--you are there. And your friend, who invented Chess, shows you the game. But he feels the game is lacking. He asks you for some advice about strategy. You ponder the game and suggest some changes. Flash forward, 1,500 years.

Through the magic of metaphor, Chess was never invented. However, your friend calls you up to say he's invented a video game called Chessboy. However he feels the game is lacking and asks you for advice. You tell him you know nothing about technology. He tells you, he doesn't need tech advice, he needs strategy advice.

You ponder the game. You tell him, "Well, the Bishops move diagonally and the rook moves in a straight line up and back and side to side. That's good. But the Knight should have a different move. Say, two up and one to the side or one up and two to the side. You invent the strategy of castling. And you describe the strategy of en passant.

He thanks you and reprogrammes the game with the strategies you described.

Caveat: The difference between strategy and technology.



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Friday, August 27, 2021

Our Middle East Muddling 2.0

 I've written about the Middle East on a few occasions.

There is a monumental lack of understanding on the
part of the West as we clutch retentively to our deep
seated self image.

1. Understand this globally:

China sees the world from a
mountaintop 6.000 years high.

The Middle East sees the world from a
mountaintop 4.000 years high.

Europe sees the world from a
Mountaintop 2.000 years high.

The US sees the world from a
mountaintop 245 years high.

2. We are not fighting an army of
one million soldiers. We are fighting
one million armies of one soldier each.

3. We embrace the delusion that the
people we demonise are rejected in their
own lands. And some do reject them.
However, others embrace them.

4. I once thought that other people
did not want American Style Government, they
only wanted American style freedom. I was
wrong. They see how too often, freedom
for one means freedom for the other. And
freedom for the other impinges on their own freedom.

5. Other peoples have cohesion
The EU is fractious, but that among nations
We are fractious among ourselves
That is not a sustainable model

6. The many may oppress the few. But the few may
not oppress the many--not for very long anyway.

7. It happens because no one believes it can
happen. Until it does.

8. "Everybody knows what everybody knows."
Quotations of Slim Fairview

9. They are not afraid to fight for their survival
& make no apologies. Again, they have cohesion.

10. "Abundance is the mother of complacency."
Slim Fairview.

11. In our country, the Generals serve at the
pleasure of the President. In many other
countries, it is the President who serves at the
pleasure of the Generals.

Biden, Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush
Didn't actually get it wrong. Everyone in the
West gets it wrong

Simplistic to say,
"Generals should advise Presidents on
fighting wars because it is The People
who need to understand this."

You can rest assured, whoever is President, 
The Middle East Isn't Going to change.

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