Monday, August 8, 2022

Washington, DC 1939 National Security

Through the magic of metaphor

Dateline: Washington, DC 1939


Everything is the same then as it is now except you are here.

Executives from Bethlehem Steel and U. S. Steel appeared before

the Senate Committee today to discuss lifting the restrictions on

overseas manufacturing. "Our intent is to move Steel Manufacturing

to Germany to make American Steel more competitive in the global

market and to increase American National Security.

Meanwhile, Across the Capitol, Executives a delegation from Ford, GM, Chrysler, Boeing, Sikorsky. McDonnell Douglas, and Lockheed were

testifying to the need to relocate their factories to Yugoslavia,

Czechoslovakia, and Poland in order to become more competitive in

the global market and to insure American National Security




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Thursday, July 7, 2022

B School or Pizza Night?


Skip B-School, Go out for Pizza instead.

My wife & I are out for our weekly dinner:
Cold ante-pasta for two, pizza, BYOB claret.

A woman comes in with two children.

Owner: Are you here for a pickup?

Wife: No. We're here for dinner. My husband is
picking up a bottle of wine. Can you bring us
two glasses.

The husband comes in carrying a brown, paper bag.
I have a bad feeling about this.

Wife: Where's the wine?

Him: I thought we'd have beer instead...


I feel chills up my spine.

As we get ready to leave, my wife goes to powder her
nose. I pay the check. 

Before we leave, I say to the woman,
"My wife & I weren't able to finish our wine, would you like

She says thank you. I pour her a glass. 

As we leave, she says in a loud voice--for her husband's benefit--not mine, "What a nice man. What a very nice man."

The B-School lessons:

1 Bait & Switch:  He offers a customer 
Pizza and Wine--he delivers Pizza & Beer.

2 Over promise [wine] Under deliver [beer]
In cans, not even bottles.

3 Market penetration from a competitor
Seizing the opportunity, a competitor 
delivers a free sample of wine.

4 Inventory optimisation.  Why 
leave inventory on the shelf when
you can use it to attract new customers?

5 Marketing strategy:  From the old canard
"Marketing:  Find a need and fill it."

6  Shelf space optimisation: Create 
additional shelf-space by rotating 
stock or giving discounts or by repurposing.

7 Revenue enhancement: What I gained
with the bottle of wine will see diminishing
returns--hence, I put the product into circulation
and add benefits to the investment in the wine.

8 Consumer demands:  Consumers want wine,
I deliver wine.

9 Market expectations:  The market expectations
were not fulfilled.

10 Sales

11 Customer retention

12 Customer Service

13 Product distribution

There is so much to be learned if you simply
see things in a new light or from a different 



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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

The War by Metaphor


For 12 years, my blog articles have been about global  political
and economic events. The only skill I admit to is the ability to
speak in metaphors.

This is what's happening.
Here is the metaphor.

First: put yourself in the other person's shoes.

You rob a bank, wound a teller, make off with $100,000.
The #police & the #fbi have identified you. You have a record.

You instruct your Lawyer & your Agent to release the following

"Our client wants to negotiate a deal.
He will return half the money ($50,0000) & write the teller a
letter of apology if the bank agrees to let him keep half the
money & prosecutors agree not to prosecute. And he will
stop robbing banks."

The Banks Managers refuse. The Prosecutors refuse. Your
Lawyer issues another statement.

The Banks are being selfish and greedy. The prosecutors
show depraved indifference to pubic safety. My client has
not choice but to continue robbing banks. Some may be
injured. Some may be killed. It's all their fault. My client tried.

Would you accept that?

Bonus: Mr. Hitler offers to end WW II if the allies agree to allow:
Germany to Annex Western Europe &
Stalin to Annex Eastern Europe.



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