Friday, May 18, 2012

Merkel and the Salesman

Here we go:

You are a salesman.  You go out five days a week.  Your biggest expense is gasoline.

Due to a slowing economy, sales and revenues are down.  You decide to cut costs.  

Now, you go out selling four days a week,  Monday through Thursday.  Sales drop. So do revenues. You decide to cut costs.

You decide to go out selling three days a week. Monday through Wednesday.  Sales drop. So do revenues.

Follow the path of the trajectory.

You ask me for advice.  I say to you, take your credit card, fill your tank, and go out selling six days a week. Monday through Saturday.   You take my advice.

Instead of working five days a week, you sell six days a week.  You increase your revenues by 20%.

Success breeds success.  Instead of selling 6 hours a day and working in the office for 2 hours, you now sell for 7 hours a day and work 2 hours in the office.

In addition to more sales, you have more referrals.  More referrals mean more sales. Your revenues go up. Your profits go up.

Now you can take it a bit easy.  Now you can go back to working five days a week, eight hours a day.  Or, you can take Merkel's advice.  You can cut costs until you run your business into the ground.



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