Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beware! The Chancellor is Consolidating Power

For two years, I've been writing articles about the impending failure of Chancellor Merkel's one-pronged approach to solving the EuroCrisis.  However, as Goldfinger said to James Bond, "Who said I'm going to steal the gold, Mr. Bond?"  Some actions have an apparent purpose. Others do not.

The Recent meetings between Biden and Merkel now offer a very revealing look at the path of the trajectory. The Chancellor is not planning to "steal the gold".  The strategy is even more brilliant. [Not an allusion to the return of German gold from the US Vaults.]

The path of austerity was not a path to failure.  It was only a path to failing to resolve the European Economic Crisis--not the greater goal.

To see this, one must ask, "Why would President Obama support Chancellor Merkel?  The Chancellor's strategy of austerity and cutting spending is exactly the opposite of President Obama's successful strategy of capital investment, economic development, and growth.  Three items on my list of actions; actions I've been writing articles about for two years now.

The apparent?  The US supports Merkel because Merkel is our friend.  The reality?  Merkel is our friend because the US supports Merkel.  It is that simple.  However, there is more to the Chancellor's story.

The latest talks are ostensibly about security.  That is what we are told. That is what we believe. We have no reason to doubt that. Do we?

Let us ask ourselves, why, then, didn't The President send Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Berlin?  Why then doesn't The President send Secretary of State John Kerry to Berlin?

Why did The President send Prime Minister Biden to Berlin to meet with the Chancellor?

Look at recent current events?

  • Rioting in Greece
  • Rioting in Spain
  • Rioting in Italy
  • Rioting in France
  • Rioting in England
Conditions are becoming unstable in Italy.  Unemployment in Spain is unspeakable and youth unemployment is worse.

What are the results?  Not the apparent results.  The real results.

Unspeakable unemployment and crushing economic decline has fomented civil unrest among the citizens.  Civil unrest has spread to immigrant communities: immigrants from the Middle East and From North Africa.  In addition, there is a rising, and increasingly violent, right-wing--xenophobic movement.  This, of course, is intended to demonise and stigmatise that segment of the population.  Security concerns are certain to be expressed.  If you think this type of propaganda hasn't happened; can't happen; or can't happen here, think again.

  • Germany in the thirties.
  • England demonising Germans during World War I
  • America demonising the Japanese during World War II

Under the guise of having come to a security agreement, Prime Minister Biden returns from Berlin to assure everyone that the Chancellor is our friend and openly willing to assist us with security issues in Europe and, by extension, in the United States.

Now, comes the consolidation of power:

The sudden "scandal" surrounding Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy.  According to the news in America, Mariano Rajoy is under a cloud of suspicion created by allegations that he did something that was absolutely legal.

Then there is the "scandal" surrounding Mario Draghi.  According to the news in America, Mario Draghi is under a cloud of suspicion created by allegations that some else did something that was illegal.

I don't know what prompted the invective against Mariano Rajoy, however, the cloud of suspicion around Mario Draghi arose after he openly embraced "Growth".  This is defiance and a direct challenge to The Chancellor.

After Mario Draghi announced the need for growth, I declared victory in a tweet.

"Draghi: Growth.  Slim Fairview defeats Chancellor Merkel."

Soon after, the news tape along the bottom of the TV screen declaimed, "Europe will not abandon growth."  Perhaps not a response to my tweet, but rather that I reached the hearts of the European people and that The Chancellor would have none of that.

The same thing happened last year when I posted that Angela Merkel was the problem.  Then President Sarkozy tweeted, "Merkel is not the problem."  Coincidence.  More likely that I expressed the feelings of the European people.

Now?  Now, Prime Minister Biden is returning from Berlin with a security agreement with the Chancellor.

  • "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it." Santayana.
  • "Those who never learned history are doomed--period."  Slim Fairiew

We know where we were.  We know where we are, we should be able to figure out where we are going.  However, that is not the case.

Half the Europeans appear to have forgotten history.  Half the Europeans appear never to have learned history.  All of the Europeans appear not so see the present. Hence: they cannot see the future coming.

  •  The economy will continue to decline.
  • The people will grow more openly hostile if not violent.
  • Immigrants will grow more hostile
  • The extreme right will grow more xenophobic feeding on the fears of immigrants.
  • Security will be threatened
  • Besmirched leaders who defy The Chancellor will be discredited and leave office.

Does anyone remember when The Chancellor moved to consolidate banking under German Authority, or did I misread the intent of the unification of the European Banking Industry?

Beware. The Chancellor is Consolidating her Power.

"That you cannot predict the future is not a proper rebuff to the person who tells you to get off the tracks, a train is coming."  ~ Slim Fairview

"Get off the tracks. The train is coming."  ~ Slim Fairview



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